Our factory is located in Somerset West, just 35 minutes from Cape Town, 25 minutes from Stellenbosch and 15 minutes from Gordon’s Bay.

We also have a showroom and mini-factory in the seaside town of Betty’s Bay, just another 30-minute drive from Gordon’s Bay along the picturesque Clarence Drive/R44.

We look forward to welcoming you at both locations, just request that you let us know in advance as we don’t want to miss you! 

We offer the following services at Somerset West and Betty’s Bay :

  • standard picture framing, choose from a selection of corner samples and mounts
  • hand made frames and mirrors, bring a sample image or choose from our website
  • ready-made mirrors and frames
  • beach range wall decor
  • custom requests
  • CNC cutting

You’ll find our ready-made items at Root44 Market.

Somerset West

Unit 7, Apex Park

Henry Vos Close, Asla Park, N2, Somerset West

+27 83 776 6026

Multiwood Creations

Find us at Unit 7, Apex Park, Henry Vos Close, Asla Park. Off the N2, Somerset West. 

Betty’s Bay

2034 Delport Road

Betty’s Bay, 7141

+27 83 383 3534

Multiwood Creations

You’ll find us at 2034 Delport Road, Betty’s Bay. It’s always advisable to call first, we wouldn’t want to miss you!

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7 Apex Park

Henry Vos Close, Asla Park

N2, Somerset West




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Monday – Friday:

9am – 5pm